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Air Transat extends grounding to June 14th...

An Airbus A321neo LR takes off from Marseille Provence Airport for a flight to Montreal on a sunny day
Air Transat A321neo LR taking-off from Marseille Airport for a transatlantic flight to Montreal

Air transat initialy planned to resume flights by April 30th, but has extended its grounding to June 14th following financial difficulties.

A takeover by Air Canada and the Vaccine to Covid-19 give Air Transat hope, but a plan B is on the table in case the situation worsens.

Air Transat needs to secure funds for the summer season but uncertainties remain on the level of reservations. The Covid-19 pandemic might start to decline thanks to the Vaccine, but it is still too early to predict the market in the coming months.

Let's hope to see this beautiful livery in the skies again !

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