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Can Airbus launch a freighter version of its A350?

Artistic view of an airbus A350-900F is taking off in front of clouds
This is what an A350-900F would look like if Airbus launched the program

Will we ever see an A350 freighter? The answer is probably yes. Even if Airbus doesn't launch an official freighter version of the airliner, it is quite frequent to see pax-to-freighter conversion happening when airplanes still have potential but are not efficient enough for passenger service. This can be seen on the A321P2F for example.

Boeing is the king of freighters with a wide range of products available from the B767F to the mighty B747F. Even though only the B777F will remain in production in the coming years, Boeing as secured itself the 1st place in the widebody cargo market. Airbus sees a potential for the A350, which would become the first designated freighter largely designed with carbon fiber. An A350F would probably hurt Boeing, with a direct competitor to the older generation B777F, forcing them to launch the freighter version of the long delayed B777X.

If the market is right, with the end of the A380 production and with only one aircraft model being currently developped (the A321XLR), Airbus would probably have nothing to lose launching the A350F. Boeing, on the other hand, is busy returning the B737MAX to service, certifying the B777-9X, and thinking about the New Midsize Aircraft.

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