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Celebrating 34 years of success for the A320 family !

An Airbus A320neo is taxiing on the runway on a sunny day at Marseille Airport
Air Corsica A320neo taxiing onto the runway at Marseille Provence Airport

The A320 first flew on February 22, 1987, and has ever since been a huge success. At this time, Airbus planned to build only 700 of the single aisle airliner. Little did they know that 34 years later it would still be massively produced for customers around the world. The A320 was derived in 3 variants: A318, A319 and A321, and more recently a re-engined version was proposed for the A319, A320 and A321.

The 10,000th A320 was handed over to its customer Middle East Airlines in October 2020, and the backlog ensures production for many more years. This makes the A320 family one of the most successful commercial airplane in the history of aviation.

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