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Corsair International inaugurates new route between La Réunion, Lyon and Marseille

An Airbus A330-900 NEO operated by Corsair International is landing on the runway of Marseille provence Airport
Corsair International A330-900 landing at Aéroport Marseille Provencedrr

The French carrier started today, on June 21st, a new route between La Réunion in the Indian Ocean and the cities of Lyon and Marseille in South Eastern France.

The flight, operated by a brand new Airbus A330-900Neo, departs Lyon to Marseille in the evening, then to La Réunion and comes back to Marseille and finishes at Lyon in the morning.

Twice a week on Monday and Wednesday, the A330Neo will fly tourists to La Réunion for the summer season. With the summer holiday at La Réunion starting in December and ending in January, Corsair International could even keep the route running all year long.

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