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First major fire of 2021 in Southeastern France !

A Cl-415 Superscooper drops 6,000L of water on a fire
The Cl-415 Superscooper can drop up to 6,000L of water !

The fire broke out around 5pm local time in a mountainous area of the region, making it difficult to fight it. Strong winds allowed the fire to quickly spread and gain intensity. Aerial firefighting was quickly necessary, 4 Cl-415s Superscoopers and 2 Dash 8 Q-400MR tried to contain the fire before dusk.

A Canadair Cl-415 Superscooper drops water in front of a Dash 8 Q400-MR
Pélican 42 meets Milan 75 in the air over the fire

The fire was still very active when the Canadair and Q-400MRs had to go home, they will probably come back at dawn to put an end to the first major fire in the region.

This kind of fire is expected at the begining of summer and not in early April. The 2021 fire season will be long and tough !

A Canadair Cl-415 Superscooper "pélican" airplane drops water on a fire
Pélican 45 dropping on the mountain to prevent the fire from reaching homes

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