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Norwegian Air Shuttles in financial difficulties

A Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing B787 Dreamliner in white and red is taxiing on Paris Charles de Gaule Airport.
Norwegian Air Shuttle cancelled all long haul flights, they were operated with the Boeing B787 Dreamliner

The Norwegian specialist of Long Haul Low Cost (LHLC) is on the brink

of bankruptcy. The airline was already facing financial difficulties before the global pandemic hit. After cancelling all long haul flights, Norwegian Air Shuttle announced on February 26th 2021 the cancellation of 88 Airbus airplanes. The airline faced difficulties operating their fleet of Boeing B787 Dreamliners, after the type was grounded multiple times for engine issues, and with the global grounding of the Boeing B737MAX following the two fatal crashes. The Covid 19 pandemic might well be the last nail to the coffin for Norwegian. The iconic red nose and tail portrait of the livery makes Norwegian a popular airline among aviation enthusiasts like me !

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