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The Tiger Helicopter is 30 years old

An AIrbus helilcopters EC665 Tiger attack helicopter is hovering at La Fare airfield
A freshly retrofitted HAD EC665 during a flight test at La Fare Airfield

The Airbus Helicopters EC665 Tiger was designed by Germany and France at the end of the cold war as an anti tank asset for the army. Its first flight took place on April 27th, 1991, making the rotorcraft 30 years old today. Since its entry into service in 2003, around 200 EC665s were built for 4 countries : Australia, France, Germany and Spain.

Airbus Helicopters doesn't manufacture the Tiger anymore, but still does retrofit work on the French Army rotorcrafts. The image above shows a freshly retrofitted HAP (Hélicoptères d'Appui et Protection - Protection and Support Helicopter) to HAD (Hélicoptère d'Appui et Destruction - Destruction and Support Helicopter).

Even though the Tiger helicopter is a very capable machine, Australia has decided to replace its fleet of 22 Tigers by Boeing AH-64 Apaches, and even Germany raised the question for its fleet fo attack helicopter.

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