They published my photos :

Air Attack :

Magazine specialized in aerial firefighting and founded by Nedd Dawson, a reference in Aviation Photography. The photos of Vitrolles fire were published on front page and in an article I wrote on page 19 of issue 11. One of my photo is also featured in front page of the 2021 Air Attack Calendar.

Air Attack 2021 Calendar

Vertical Mag :

Vertical mag is a helicopter news magazine and proposes various photo contests.
My photo of a Weststar AW189 received the honorable mention for the 2020 photo contest of Vertical Magazine. The photo is featured page 29 of the special edition dedicated to this contest.
One of my helicopter photo from Courchevel was also selected as winner of a weekly contest and published on page 11 of Vertical Mag June 2020.

Vertical Magazine special issue.JPG
Vertical Mag photo.PNG

Pélican infos :

Pélican infos is a yearly magazine written by the French aerial firefighters association (Amicale des pompiers du ciel). My photos were selected alongside with Anthony Pecchi's photos to illustrate the 2020 fire seasons.


2020 editions of Pélican Infos and Notebook

This website is a reference in high quality aircraft photos around the world, it is known for its strict selection process. You can visit my profile and see a selection of my photos : Matthis Arrivet is a website for spotters and aviation fans around the world. It also published some of my photos, you can see the selection on my profile : Matthisphotography

Rotortrade :

Helicopter broker based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for which I did an internship as a technical sales assistant. I provided photos of helicopters for social media and helicopter ID cards. You can follow them on instagram: @Rotortrade

Useful links and references :

If you are interested in wildlife photography, I highly recommend you visit Le Photonaute's website. He has mastered approaching animals and snaps some impressive images.


Instagram: @lephotonauteanimalier & @lephotonauteaéronautique

For other aviation related photos, you can visit Timothée Savouré's Flickr and instagram. I met Timothée in engineering school and learned a lot about aviation photography and editing from him. He is also part of a group of spotter from Paris airports, they publish photos on instagram as Paris Aviation Photography.

Flickr: Timothée Savouré

Instagram: @timsspotting & @paris_aviation_photography

Laurent Pascal is a professional photographer who greatly helped me build Matthisphotography. He's specialized in people and companies photography.

Website: Laurent Pascal Photographe